Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Home Care

Patients who suffer from a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury face a number of challenges in their daily lives. Living independently, staying socially active and taking care of personal matters can be difficult. Fortunately, healthcare professionals from At Home Senior Care Plus have one goal: to help patients facing these challenges maintain their independence and quality of life through personal care, household assistance, transportation, and more.

Personal Care

Everyday personal care tasks may be difficult or sometimes even impossible for people suffering from spinal cord or brain injuries to do without assistance. Professionals from At Home Senior Care are trained and equipped to help patients manage their personal care tasks.

Assistance With Chores and Household Tasks

Yard work, cooking, cleaning and home maintenance can sometimes be a challenge for those suffering from traumatic injuries. In some cases, patients may need assistance completing these tasks. At Home Senior Care Plus can provide 24-hour assistance with everyday chores to help keep a household running smoothly.

Transportation Help

Patients with traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries may be unable to drive, and may even need special assistance getting into and out of a vehicle. Under these circumstances, appointments and errands can be difficult to manage independently. Fortunately, home care workers from At Home Senior Care Plus can provide assistance getting into and out of a vehicle as well as safe, efficient transportation for all errands and appointments.


For some people, having a disability and living independently can be lonely. Home care workers from At Home Senior Care Plus can provide more than assistance with chores and transportation. Our home healthcare workers are compassionate, caring individuals who can spend time playing games, talking, watching television and engaging in hobbies and crafts with patients. This assistance can combat loneliness while also helping patients maintain good mental and emotional health.

Reduced Pressure On Family and Friends

Home healthcare experts from At Home Senior Care Plus can help reduce the pressure on family and friends by providing respite care. We understand that living and dealing with things in the aftermath of a traumatic injury can be difficult and stressful. Having a healthcare worker in the house helps ensure that chores and errands are completed without the added burden on loved ones.

Independent Living for Independent People

For many patients suffering from a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, living at home with independence and dignity is possible. Given the right help, patients can continue to enjoy living in their own home. Our trained, caring staff can provide 24 hour assistance to people in need. To find out more about how home healthcare staff can help you or a loved one, contact us today.

I have nothing but good things to say about At Home Senior Care Plus. My wife has been receiving services with them for over three years and her CNA has done an excellent job with her. I highly recommend this company to other people.  R. Boyd